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INPRO Technologies represents a line of tension control equipment manufactured by Dover Flexo Electronics. www.dfe.com Tension control is often used in manufacturing or printing processes such as unwinding, rewinding, extruding, slitting, sheeting, coating, laminating, braiding, embossing and embedding. Proper tension is needed for high quality output in all of these operations.  DFE’s tension control products are designed to be integrated into your machine structure wherever your application demands them. Reliable, durable, easy-to-install components, including transducers, indicators, controllers and brakes, are the hallmark of a complete DFE tension control system. DFE offers a 5-year product warranty, 24/7 technical support and 30 years of leadership in the industry.

Tension Transducers

Available models include:

· Model C – The industry standard in tension transducers, this model mounts on the ends of a live or dead shaft idler roll.
· Model TR – The tension roll is an easy-to-install unit that combines tension transducers and idler roll in one package.
· Model RS – The Roll Shell transducer locks into the inner diameter at each end of an aluminum or steel tube to create a tension-sensing roll.
· Model NW – The Narrow Web transducer features a cantilevered design in widths up to 14-inches.
· Model VNW – The Very Narrow Web transducer measures tension in webs, ribbons or filaments up to 6-inches wide.
· Model RFA – This transducer is suitable for wire, cable or filaments of plastic, rubber, metal or glass.
· Model THN – This Thin Profile transducer is available for applications with limited horizontal space and features easy installation with single-bolt mounting.
· Model UPBH and SUPB – These “under pillow block” transducers are designed for heavy duty, high tension applications.

Tension Indicators

DFE offers a wide range of tension indicators, including tension signal amplifiers and interfaces with or without display meters. Either 0-10VDC voltage or 4-20mA current outputs, proportional to tension, can be used to interface with drive systems, controllers, computers, or recorders. Indicators can also be used as a visual reference for operators to control tension manually. Options are available to customize any indicator to fit special requirements.

Available models include:

· True Tension Interface, TI-17B/TI-18B – available as a bare card, a card and mounting bracket, DIN-rail mounting, or CE-marked in a full enclosure.
· TI-5 Indicator – displays tension in any of three ways: at the left edge, right edge, or total web tension.
· True Tension TI-14 Indicator – This is a general-purpose indicator for measurement and display of total web tension. An optional Tension Limit Switch activates at high or low preset tensions.
· SteadyView Digital Indicator – Available as a Ό DIN panel mount enclosure or a wall mounted enclosure. Both use programmable, microprocessor technology in a compact, easy-to-use package. Features serial interface with a PC or PLC.
· IAmp Inline Amplifier – These enclosed miniature amplifiers are powered by a 24VDC and output 0-10VDC isolated signals proportional to tension. The amplifier can be mounted directly to the connector on most transducers.
· MAC MultiAmplifier Card – The MAC card is an eight-channel interface featuring eight independent amplifiers on a single circuit card.
· TI-11 Dual Transducer Interface – This dual-channel amplifier can be used with one or two pair of transducers to measure tension in one or two zones. The card contains two independent circuits with independent calibration adjustments.
· Fireguard – This model is an intrinsically safe interface between transducers and a controller, drive system or computer. The UL listed FireGuard reduces risk of fire or explosion in plant environments where combustible vapor may be present.

Tension Controllers

With an automated control system, you will no longer need to continuously monitor and adjust tension throughout your operation. DFE controllers will do it for you. Automatic tension controllers will save you manpower and improve the quality of your finished product. Easy to configure DFE controllers automatically compensate for variations in roll diameter, speed and web characteristics. All controllers offer a choice of output for use with an electric brake, a pneumatic brake, an eddy current clutch or a variable speed drive. Emergency Stop, auto/manual control modes and soft start capability are standard features on all controllers.

Available models include:

· WebHandler3 – This digital tension controller is offered at a highly competitive price. Features include: touch panel setup and calibration, LCD display, compensation for speed and roll diameter, soft start, storage & recall of multiple job setups and serial access via PC using Window-based software.
· TensionManager – This is a microprocessor based controller for OEM and machine builders. This compact system is customizable with modular device add-ons.
· SteadyWeb – This full-featured analog controller is known for its reliability and ease of use. Optional functions include taper tension, dual transducer input, DC and pulse tachometer inputs and more. System status lights allow the operator to see the operating mode at a glance.
· WebHandler2 – This is a low cost analog controller for unwind and rewind zones. Its compact size facilitates easy installation almost anywhere.
· SteadyWeb Splicer – This is a complete automatic turret rewind control system for automating a flying splice sequence. This controller combines advanced SteadyWeb tension control, core speed matching controls and flying-splice sequencing circuitry with a user-friendly interface. The splicer’s circuit design coordinates turret rotation, knife firing, core speed matching and tension control all at the touch of a button.



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