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Today’s manufacturing environments demand total quality management, requiring process documentation and control. UV process control can be achieved using a radiometer to measure, record and track one or more process variables including UV dose, UV intensity and UV bandwidth.  Using these parameters allows you to define a process window, and operating within that process window will ultimately save time, money and frustration.
INPRO Technologies
offers a broad range of UV measurement devices to assist you in defining your process window.

Intensity Monitors

EIT’s compact sensors mounted in the UV chamber supply a 0-10V analog output signal proportional to UV intensity to a display module, allowing the operator to continuously monitor the status of the UV lamp. The UV output is displayed as a percentage of the original output, which is usually set to 100%. As the lamp ages, or as the reflector gets dirty, the display output will decrease. Relay contacts are available that close when UV output falls below a user-defined threshold. See www.eit.com, online monitoring equipment, for additional details.


Power Map

Power Puck

MicroCure & DataReader

Spot Cure

3D Cure

Palm Probe


INPRO offers a complete line of radiometers manufactured by EIT, Inc., www.eit.com .   The radiometers record and display the total UV energy (joules/cm2) and/or peak irradiance (watts/cm2) in absolute units. All EIT radiometers are calibrated to a NIST traceable source.

  • PowerMap – This radiometer features a detachable optics head that can be sent through the UV chamber on a conveyor belt. The unit measures peak irradiance and total energy in four bandwidths simultaneously (UVA, UVB, UVC or UVV). The data is transferred to a computer where it can be displayed in graphical or tabular format. The user can then compare characteristics of multiple lamps and track the lamp performance over a period of time. As many as one million data points can be stored in this unit.
  • UV Map Plus – offers all of the features of the PowerMap, except that it is a single channel device, measuring peak power density and total power in only one bandwidth.
  • UV PowerPuck – compact size (4.6” diameter). This unit is suitable for conveyor applications where the radiometer can be passed under the UV lamps on the conveyor belt. It provides total energy and peak irradiance in all four bandwidths (UVA /320-390nm, UVB/280-320nm, UVC/250-260nm, or UVV/395-445nm).
  • UVCURE Plus – identical to the UV PowerPuck, except that it measures UV output in just one bandwidth.
  • MicroCure & DataReader – This miniature radiometer (1.3” x 0.95” x 0.25”) is ideal for small spaces or relatively inaccessible applications. After passing the single bandwidth (UVA) radiometer through the UV chamber, insert it into the DataReader for display of total energy and peak irradiance.
  • SpotCure – UV Spot curing systems deliver light to the work-piece via a liquid or fiber light guide. The SpotCure radiometer measures the UV irradiance (watts/cm2) at the tip of a light guide, allowing the operator to optimize the position of the light guide, record degradation of the light guide and/or monitor the system performance.
  • 3DCure – This instrument was designed to meet the challenge of orienting, recording and documenting radiometric values on 3-dimensional parts as they travel through the UV chamber. The UV irradiance and energy density delivered to points on the substrate surface can be easily and simultaneously measured using the 3Dcure sensors. A Data Collection Module (DCM) can then read the collected data from up to 32 sensors and then transfer the digital file to a PC for analysis.
  • PalmProbe – This radiometer was designed for those processes that are not conducive to passing an instrument under the UV light, e.g. web applications. The instrument features an insulated light guide with an aperature on the tip. The guide is inserted into the UV chamber, and light is collected at the tip. A digital readout on the hand-held monitor toggles between total dose and/or peak intensity via a membrane switch. The PalmProbe is available in the UVA, UVB or UVV wavelength band.


The Solatell spectroradiometer measures UV output of a lamp, and displays a graphical interpretation of the UV spectrum plotted as UV intensity versus wavelength, in single nanometer increments. Readings can be obtained from difficult, remote or inaccessible places by using a variety of attachments, smart probes and probe locators. Multiple units can be networked and used for continuous real-time monitoring and closed loop process control. See www.solatell.com for additional details.  



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