UV Spotcuring Systems

INPRO Technologies is the exclusive representative for Excelitas (Lumen Dynamics). Lumen Dynamics offers the OmniCure® platform which includes a full line of UV spot curing equipment powered by Arc Lamp and LED technologies to meet any precision assembly challenge. Contact INPRO Technologies to determine the right solution for your process or to setup a demonstration. 


The OmniCure® UV LED MAX Heads ensure a longer lifetime and minimize costly maintenance downtime resulting in maximum reliability and low cost of ownership.
LX500 LED System

Lumen Dynamics is replacing their LX400 LED System with the more powerful LX500, providing exceptional peak irradiance of up to 14 W/cm² at 365nm and 16 W/cm² at 385nm. The LX500 has an extremely compact footprint which easily integrates with and accelerates your assembly manufacturing processes.
The OmniCure® UV LED MAX Heads have been specially designed to reduce UV bonding manufacturing costs through faster curing times, higher power efficiency and superior control through closed loop feedback.The innovative design of the UV LED MAX Heads offers superior heat dissipation capability by using copper metal to extract internal heat from the LED and external aluminum fins to increase air cooling in the most rigid manufacturing conditions.

OmniCure® Family

Operator Cure Station

Omnicure UV Arc Lamp Spotcuring

Lumen Dynamics' proven S series platforms are powered by the patented 200-watt Intelli-lamp® with a guaranteed lamp life of 2,000 hours (typical up to 4,000 hrs). Because Lumen Dynamics understands the importance of process control in assembly operations, they offer the handheld R2000 radiometer as a tool to ensure repeatability and success in the assembly process. A variety of both liquid-filled and fiber light guides are available in a range of diameters and lengths. Multi-legged guides are also available as standard stock items. If you don’t see a light guide that fits your specific process, please contact us, as Lumen Dynamics offers custom design capabilities to adapt light delivery to unique assembly challenges.



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